Volunteers’ activities & achievements in 2020

12 Mar , 2021 Blog

Volunteers’ activities & achievements in 2020

As a small charity, Plant your Future receives invaluable support from a dedicated team of volunteers, who offer their skills to help us with a range of activities.

This year, we would like to say a special thank you to:

  • Katie Butler-Manuel: creating beautiful and inspiring content for our social media channels, Katie (pictured above) shares daily updates from our work in the Amazon to engage our supporters across the world. Katie is studying a Masters in in Climate Change, Management and Finance and dedicates her spare time to managing our social media channels, growing our audience base substantially. We cannot thank her enough for her reliable support, creative thinking and dedication to the cause.
  • Chloe Tonkin: A PR and marketing specialist, Chloe offers her expertise to support our communications and fundraising by writing press releases, blog posts and news updates. She was instrumental in helping to promote our Rainforest in the Box competition and our COVID-19 Emergency Appeal, while also providing invaluable advice on establishing press contacts and managing these relationships.
  • Katrin Harding: When Katrin (pictured above) heard about the devastating impact that the pandemic was having on vulnerable communities in the Amazon, she asked how she could use her skills to support our COVID Emergency Appeal. She’d already been designing and making beautiful face masks for her family and friends, so offered to make rainforest-themed ones and donate them to encourage supporters to sign-up for monthly giving.
  • Hannah Fairless: A school student, Hannah volunteered to write a blog post for us, titled: So which tree species actually store the most carbon? The article, which was extremely well-researched and proved to be very popular with our supporters, was based on an Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) whereby Hannah analysed which tree species are most effective at capturing and storing carbon dioxide. We’re delighted that Hannah hopes to write more for us in 2021.
  • Lea Sobrevilla: A forestry graduate student, Lea has been supporting Plant your Future for a couple of years on specific projects. Firstly, she helped carry out carbon monitoring in the field, working with our team in the Loreto region. In 2020 she carried out research into Peru’s cocoa production and supply chain to help develop and business plan and strategy. Cocoa is a high-value and deforestation-free product that can significantly increase farmers’ income and in the future we will be supporting beneficiaries to market the cocoa that they are growing within the agroforestry plots.

If you’ve been inspired by the activities of our amazing volunteers and would like to help support our work in a practical way, then please do not hesitate to get contact: info@plantyourfuture.org.uk.

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