Agroforestry team

Meet our expert local team of foresters and agronomists who work alongside communities to restore the Amazon Rainforest across two regions of Peru.




Sergio Lopez

Programme Coordinator

Loreto Region, Peru

An expert in agroforestry, Sergio manages the Loreto programme team and coordinates daily activities.


Lindley Grimber Arbildo Trinidad

Forestry Engineer 

Ucayali Region, Peru

One of the most senior foresters in our Ucayali team, Lindley (known as Arbildo) brings significant experience within Amazonian native tree cultivation and has specialist nursery skills.


Ludwin Isuiza Orbes

Agronomy Engineer

Ucayali Region, Peru

An agronomist by training, Ludwin has a strong track record working with smallholders to sustainably cultivate cocoa, while also bringing his expertise in the science of soil management.


Carlos Munguía Malpartida

Nursery Manager

Ucayali Region, Peru

A lead farmer committed to agroforestry, Carlos manages our community-run nursery that cultivates all the tree saplings for the Ucayali programme.


Jimmy Paolo Vásquez López

Nursery Manager’s Assistant

Ucayali Region

As a young and enthusiastic agricultural technician, Jimmy supports Carlos in the development and delivery of daily nursery activities.


Glinter Reategui Tamani

Forestry Technician

Loreto Region

With particular expertise in cultivating and grafting cocoa plants, Glinter brings his knowledge of this important high-value crop.

Nora Agustina Saenz Barrera 

Nursery Manager

Loreto Region

An agricultural technician who’s committed to improving the livelihoods of rural families, Nora manages our community-run nursery in Loreto.


Teobaldo Tapullima Saboya

Nursery Manager’s Assistant

Loreto Region

With extensive experience in the cultivation of native forest and fruit tree species, Teobaldo supports Nora in running the nursery.



Fundraising & Communications team

Meet our international team of communications experts who are dedicated to spreading the word and raising vital funds for our work to restore the Peruvian Amazon.



Katie Butler-Manuel

Social Media Content Creator

Volunteer position

With a talent for social media, Katie’s a recent Masters graduate in Climate Change, Management and Finance from Imperial College London.


Chloe Tonkin

Media Relations and Copywriter 

Volunteer position 

As a Public Relations professional, Chloe supports us with her expert media relations and copywriting services.



Board of Trustees

Meet our highly-experienced and dedicated Board of Trustees for Plant Your Future who all offer their time and expertise on a pro-bono basis.


Jenny Henman

Chairman and Founder

Plant Your Future

A specialist in Natural Climate Solutions, Jenny founded Plant Your Future and provides overall oversight of the team and operations.


Mads Asprem


Plant Your Future

With a wealth of technical knowledge, Mads brings experience within forestry, landscape restoration, climate change mitigation and finance.


Grace Clegg


Plant Your Future

As a marketing and media professional, Grace injects her creativity to support our communications and fundraising team.



Board of Directors

Meet the directors of our partner organisation in Peru, La Asociación Civil Planta tu Futuro, which shares the same vision and mission as Plant Your Future.


Jenny Henman

Board Member and President

La Asociación Civil Planta tu Futuro

When she founded Plant Your Future, at the same time Jenny also set-up its partner organisation in Peru.



Juan Jose Cardenas

Board Member and Secretary

La Asociación Civil Planta tu Futuro

An attorney, Juan has over  25 years’ experience in developing and financing public and private projects in Peru and across Latin America.



Andrés Huby

Board Member and Treasurer

La Asociación Civil Planta tu Futuro

Specialising in carbon finance and impact investing, Andrés has vast experience of forestry and agroforestry projects across Latin America.


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Sofia Garcia Noriega
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Taking Pictures, Changing Lives is an organisation that raises funds through crowdfunding activities to provide charities with photographers and videographers at no cost. In August 2018, Adam Dickens travelled to Peru to visit our project, and was able to capture a catalogue of photography and video clips that are now being used across our website and social media channels.

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