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Help us to restore and protect the Amazon Rainforest by empowering smallholder farmers to transition to sustainable farming.

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Fight Poverty

Fight Poverty

We’re working directly with remote smallholder farming communities in the Northern Amazon Rainforest

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Defend Nature

Defend Nature

Our work helps protect the natural habitat of critically endangered species

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Stop Climate Change

Stop Climate Change

Planting trees on degraded farmland takes harmful carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere

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Empowering Peruvian Farmers

In a region of the Amazon Rainforest, where an area the size of Scotland has already been cleared, your donations can help make a difference. Plant Your Future is working to empower Peruvian farmers to restore degraded lands and farm sustainably. So with your help we can continue to reduce poverty, protect one of the world’s most biodiverse regions and make communities more resilient to climate change.

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Planting Hope

Just £10 could help a farmer plant and nurture 5 trees on his deforested land and receive all the inputs and equipment needed to maintain them. Watch the video below to understand more about our work on the ground in the Amazon Rainforest.





“I want to bring back value to my land that has become valueless”

Plant your Future is helping subsistence Amazonian farmers transition from unsustainable agriculture to market-oriented agroforestry systems. Our work is not only about farming more sustainably but also improving livelihoods. Read more about the Farmers we are working with.

Farmer Stories

Plant Your Future farmers work with us, not for us

Plant Your Future’s unique way of working, combined with the agroforestry systems we’ve developed and helped farmers to establish, is the reason for our continued success. Read more about how we began and why building Amazonian farmers capacity in sustainable farming is important for the restoration of the Amazon Rainforest.

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Our Latest News

Jenny’s opinion in i-news

18 Jul , 2019   Our News

Head to i-news to read Jenny’s Opinion and find out why smallholder farmers are the answer to scaling up tree planting across the globe, and why a newly planted tree in the tropics will be much more effective in tackling climate change than its equivalent planted here in the UK. Read more on the i-news […]

Jenny Henman quoted in Oxford Mail

9 Jul , 2019   Our News

Read Harrison Jones’ article on the Oxford Mail website to read Jenny’s response to the news that we need to plant more trees and how we need to look beyond the UK to warmer-climes where quicker gains can be made.

“Tree Planting is the most effective way to tackle climate change” – everyone.

9 Jul , 2019   Our News

Last week the news that tree planting was the most effective way to tackle climate change, became big news. Check out Damian Carrington’s article in The Guardian, Matt McGrath’s article on BBC website, and Chiara Giordano’s article in The Independent just as starters. As a charity that plants trees, we’re excited and pleased that awareness […]