Inspiring Insights from Ashmore Foundation visit to the Peruvian Amazon!

15 Aug , 2023 Our News

Inspiring Insights from Ashmore Foundation visit to the Peruvian Amazon!

Earlier this summer we were thrilled to host Esther Arthur from The Ashmore Foundation, one of much valued donors, at our operations in the Peruvian Amazon! Esther visited our smallholder partners to see their thriving agroforestry systems, chatted with our student volunteers about their inspiring ideas for implementing sustainable change in their communities, met our teams, and even got put to work pruning some saplings. 🌱

Esther noted the trusting partnerships between our agroforestry specialists and smallholders:

The relationship between PYF’s team of agroforestry specialists and the farmers they work with is truly inspiring. There is a tangible sense of trust and partnership based on personal connection and a shared value of the land they are all working to reforest together.

She also spoke passionately about the power of our community-led approach:

Farmers who had been involved with the agroforestry and reforestation work were leading the conversation with their local communities, sharing their experience and realised benefits of the project. This model of co-design and shared value is key to the successful embedding and sustainability of the project in the long term.

We are extremely grateful to Ashmore for their support. Their donation helps us create lasting environmental and social change in the Peruvian Amazon. We are overjoyed that Esther’s visit was a great experience all around. 🙏 Thanks to all involved.

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