Winners of our Rainforest in a Box competition announced!

26 May , 2020 Our News

Winners of our Rainforest in a Box competition announced! In April 2020 we launched our first ever Rainforest in a Box competition and we were overwhelmed with so many wonderful creations from children and young people across the World. Thank you to everyone who entered! Our Judges — Luis Campos Baca (a Professor from the National University of the Peruvian Amazon) Jane Taylor (a Geography teacher at Oxford’s Magdalen College) and Grace Clegg (Plant Your Future Trustee) — really enjoyed looking through all the entries that came in from around the world. We’ve seen so many wonderful and imaginative mini rainforest models, bringing to life the trees, plants and wildlife that make the rainforests of this planet so special and unique. Narrowing down to a winner and runner-up in each category was difficult, but we are pleased to announce the winners and runners-up!


Ages 6-9
Zoé Jarvis, Age 9, Bedfordshire
“I particularly like the parrots I made of half a wooden clothes peg and some paper. Woburn Safari Park’s parrots inspired me to make these (did you know there’s one called Zoe?).” Zoe Jarvis Rainforest in a Box Plant Your Future
Ages 10-14
Sebastian Bada, Age 11, Bournemouth
“I enjoyed working on rainforest in a box very much, especially learning about layers of rainforest and incredible animals living there. I am very proud of the background because it creates an illusion of the depth of the forest.” Sebastian Bada's Rainforest in a Box Plant Your Future


Ages 6-9
Angelos Kopitsas, Age 9, Whiteley
“I really enjoyed making my rainforest in a box as we had learnt about tropical rainforests at school. I liked making the trees and winding the string around them to make lianas and the animals such as the sloth. I went and collected moss and leaves from the woods for the forest floor.”
Angelos Kopitsas Rainforest in a Box Plant Your Future
Ages 10-14
Harrison Gallagher, Age 11, Hitchin
“I enjoyed making the rainforest. I especially enjoyed learning about the different layers and the animals that lived in each.”
Harrison Gallagher Rainforest in a Box Plant Your Future

Highly Commended

With so many fantastic creations , the Judges decided to create a new “Highly Commended” award for Rainforests in a Box that may not have won, but were very good! These were awarded to: Ananya Prasanna, Eleanor Radcliffe, Hannah Ashby, Iker Abatti, Ji Kay Wu, Luke Leonard and Tanith Hartley. We’ll be showing some of these wonderful creations on our social media in the coming weeks. Why not follow us on facebook (@plantyourfuture) or Instagram (@plantyourfuture_peru) and you’ll also see lots of photos and news from our work in the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest, including some of the stories of the farmers and children we work with.
Well done to everyone who entered!

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