Inspiring Supporter Fundraising Events 2020

12 Mar , 2021 Blog

Inspiring Supporter Fundraising Events 2020

Become inspired to support the restoration of the Amazon rainforest this year with creative and fun events…

It’s been a difficult year for supporters to take collaborative action to support our work, what with the challenges of lockdown making fundraising events nearly impossible to organise.

So we would like to say a special thank you to Pascha Tuck and sixth form students of Howell’s School, Llandaff in Cardiff. Through their work with the Rotary Interact, the students raised money for Plant your Future by customising and selling 100 candy canes. A fantastic and imaginative idea that no doubt brought a lot of joy in difficult times.

In the past few years – inspired by the words and actions of Greta Thunberg – school students have been extremely active in taking part in climate action across the world. The pandemic has made direct action very difficult, yet it has led many of us to spend more time in nature and given us the time to reflect on how we want our future to look and the need to build back better and ‘greener’.

We were delighted when Pascha emailed us to let us know how they’d found other ways of showing their support. By donating to Plant your Future, the students of Howell’s School are creating an impact where it’s most needed, helping to tackle climate change and reduce its impacts on the world’s most vulnerable communities.

Other inspiring and creative fundraising events in 2020 that we were delighted to hear about included the team from ArtPerUK, a Peruvian Dance Group in UK, who organised a Latin Bingo event to raise funds to support our COVID Emergency Appeal led by their director Katherine Ross Tinoco Reyes. We’d also like to thank the team behind the sustainable activewear brand, GNGR Bees, who’s director Nathalia Grisard joined with Noel Tuan to organise a fundraising yoga event to support Peruvian families suffering during the pandemic.

Thank you to all our supporters who took action in 2020, whether that’s donating as an individual or organising a fundraising event. We have been overwhelmed by the support we’ve received and cannot thank you enough. If you’re looking for inspiration to take climate active in 2021, then check out our new blog post with top tips.

If you are planning to support our work, then please do contact us with updates, we love to hear about how you’re taking action to support the Amazon:

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