Take climate action: every donation doubled for one week only

30 Nov , 2021 Our News

Take climate action: every donation doubled for one week only

Today, the Big Give Christmas Challenge launched and Plant Your Future has just one week to raise a massive £30,000 towards restoring the Peruvian Amazon.

We’re championing communities who are taking climate action across the Peruvian Amazon and we want you to help champion them with us. 

Help us to continue working alongside families who are creating a better future through sustainable farming and native species reforestation.

This week only, you can double your donation and meaningfully back these communities who are committed to creating positive change.

Climate change is the greatest global challenge we have ever faced and we passionately believe that supporting grassroots, community-led action to protect and restore the rainforest is the most impactful way to halt the rising temperatures that threaten us all. 

In the Peruvian Amazon, small-scale unsustainable agriculture is responsible for about 90% of deforestation and smallholder farmers own huge areas of degraded and abandoned land. Without working with farming communities, reforestation of the Amazon on a large scale cannot be achieved.  

Every donation to the Big Give Christmas Challenge will be doubled between 12pm, 30th November 2021 and 12pm, 7th December 2021. If you want your donation to create an even greater impact by restoring the Amazon, then support us this week to maximise the difference that your money can make.

As a small charity, with extremely low overheads, your donation makes a real impact where it most matters. And we have big plans for 2022. We’ll be working alongside communities to plant a massive 150,000 native trees between now and May, we’ll be restoring 170 hectares of deforested and degraded land, and signing up more than 100 new families to our programme. 

It’s set to be the most significant year in our history – your support is more important now than ever before.

What Your Donation Achieves

The lack of support for rural, low-income communities across the Amazon is a stark example of the climate injustice that’s preventing an equitable green recovery. 

Many communities in the Peruvian Amazon are trapped in poverty as they’re dependent on an unsustainable way of farming that degrades soil health and results in crop failure. On average, a family earns just £100 per month from their land and this is barely enough to cover their basic essentials, leaving them extremely vulnerable to crisis. 

This has become desperately apparent throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, when farmers in Peruvian Amazon were pushed into food poverty and emergency aid. We want to ensure this never happens again.

As the impacts of climate change become increasingly severe, communities need to become resilient and self-sufficient.

Our expert local team of foresters work hand-in-hand with communities to build-up local expertise by providing practical training in a method of sustainable, tree-based farming known as agroforestry. Through this progressive way of farming, communities improve their livelihoods and diversify their incomes, while tackling climate change. 

Our team runs farmer field schools and training workshops within rural communities across remote regions of Peru’s Amazon. This practical, hands-on training enables families to gain the expert skills in agroforestry techniques and take control of sustainable development within their own communities.

By supporting Plant Your Future in the Big Give Christmas Challenge, you will be funding much-needed tool kits and training packages for communities. 

Send A Climate Action Package

Tool Kit

£25: Send a complete Tool Kit to provide a family with all the equipment needed to manage their land and create flourishing agroforestry plots.

Types of items included in this package: 

  • Machete
  • Water sprayer backpack
  • Secateurs 

Why is this package needed? The families we work with live on or below the poverty line so struggle to afford the equipment needed to maintain their agroforestry plots. Without adequate and high quality tools and equipment, it’s extremely challenging to grow produce and run a successful forestry farming business. By sending families a Tool Kit, you will be providing much-needed essential equipment that’s durable to the rainforest conditions.  

Tree & Crop Care

£75: Send a bundle of Tree & Crop Care products to help a family to control disease and restore soil richness so their trees and crops can thrive. 

Types of items included in this package: 

  • Biological pest and disease controls
  • Organic fertilisers 
  • Nitrogen-fixing plants

Why is this package needed? When a forest is cut down to create farmland, the protective canopy is lost so the heavy rains wash away the soil’s rich nutrients. In a few years, crops fail and farmers are forced to abandon their land. We provide organic fertilisers and nitrogen-fixing plants to restore soil health so that crops and trees can grow once again, while using biological techniques to control pests and disease. 

Field Schools

£250: Sponsor our training workshops and field schools, delivered to rural communities across the Peruvian Amazon throughout the year.

Types of items included in this package: 

  • Development of workshops
  • Educational materials
  • Transport for attendance

Why is this package needed? Training is at the heart of everything that we do. We believe that building local expertise within sustainable farming is the key to tackling deforestation within the Amazon. Rural smallholder communities own large areas of degraded and abandoned land across the Peruvian Amazon but due to a lack of support they miss out on the information, training and support needed to transform their land back into forest cover and productivity.  

Climate-Smart Farm

£1,000: Fund a climate-smart farm for one year, providing a family with all the tree care, tools, equipment and training needed to restore their land. 

Types of items included in this package: 

  • Complete tree care package, including biological pest and disease control, organic fertiliser and nitrogen-fixing plants
  • Fully-equipped tool kit, including strimmer, machete, watering can, secateurs, field clothing and fencing.
  • Sponsorship of training workshops and field schools for a rural, low-income family to attend throughout the year.

Why is this package needed? This will provide a family with all the funding they need to establish a one hectare agroforestry system on their land, not only in terms of equipment and inputs, but also to receive expert training and support. The greatest barrier that prevents the uptake of sustainable farming is financial – this package removes that barrier and enables low-income families to access the support they need to transform their land and build a better future for their children. 

The items listed in the above packages are examples of what will be provided to beneficiary families and Plant Your Future will adapt these provisions based on the specific needs of each family. Your donation will be spent wherever the need is greatest across our two projects in the Peruvian Amazon, supporting low-income communities to restore their land and establish agroforestry plots.

Thank you so much for your support

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