Plant Your Future is selected to join the global network 1% for the Planet

9 Sep , 2021 Our News

Plant Your Future is selected to join the global network 1% for the Planet

Press Release: 09 September 2021

Plant Your Future, a charity dedicated to supporting smallholder farmers to move away from ‘slash and burn’ agriculture in the Peruvian Amazon, has been nominated by Grain Sustainability to receive financial support through the 1% for the Planet global network.

1% for the Planet represents nearly 6,000 businesses across 91 countries. In response to data that shows only 3% of total philanthropic giving goes to environmental causes, its membership model drives support for individuals and non-profit organisations, such as Plant Your Future, in their work to address the most urgent environmental issues of our time.

Grain Sustainability, a private sector member of 1% for the Planet, has not only enabled Plant Your Future to join the movement by championing the charity’s nomination but has also provided a generous donation to help restore the Amazon rainforest and alleviate poverty. This, and hopefully other donations in the future from a broad range of members, can provide much needed financial support to help Plant Your Future achieve its goal of planting one million trees in the next few years – restoring 1,000 hectares of degraded and abandoned land across the Peruvian Amazon.

Madelyn Postman, co-founder of Grain Sustainability and UK & Ireland Steering Committee member of 1% of the Planet, explains: “1% for the Planet inspires businesses and individuals to support environmental nonprofits through membership and everyday actions.”

There are over 4,000 environmental organisations to choose from, making it easy for members to donate to the non-profit partners that are tackling the issues that truly align with their values. Third-party certification allows members to leverage the 1% for the Planet logo as verified proof of their commitment to helping people and the planet.

Postman explains why Grain Sustainability nominated Plant Your Future to become a 1% for the Planet non-profit partner:

“The Amazon is a key contributor to our planet’s health and we are keen to support Plant Your Future’s work, which has an impressive track record going back to 2009. In our work helping make businesses more sustainable, we see the role of global as well as local action.”

Jenny Henman, chairman and founder of Plant Your Future said of the nomination:

“We are extremely grateful to have been selected to join 1% for the Planet and to become part of this global movement of corporates and individual givers to channel much needed donations to scale-up action to heal the planet. With the seriousness of the climate crisis and biodiversity loss there is an urgent need to drive restoration of the Amazon Rainforest. Funds donated to Plant Your Future works are critical for enabling us to continue and expand our work at the grassroots with rainforest communities to restore deforested areas and adopt sustainable agroforestry and regenerative agriculture.”

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