Listen to our latest BBC Radio 4 Appeal with Frances Tophill

5 Aug , 2022 Blog

On Sunday 24th July, Frances Tophill, British horticulturist, author, and television presenter, narrated Plant Your Future’s radio appeal on BBC 4, broadcasting our message of hope and regeneration to thousands of listeners all over the country. Have a listen to the full broadcast here! (BBC donation link is now inactive).

If you feel inspired to support our Amazonian reforestation work: please donate through our website portal!

A massive thanks to everyone who has already generously donated to our efforts to restore the Western Arc of the Amazon Rainforest! Every individual donation directly supports farming families on the ground as they move towards sustainable agroforestry and away from deforestation and clear-cutting. Every step rebalancing their local ecosystems and making the chance for a healthier climate possible for us all.

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