What inspires Plant Your Future’s match donor?

1 Dec , 2021 Blog

What inspires Plant Your Future’s match donor?

Our Big Give Christmas Challenge has started with a bang and we’ve been overwhelmed by the support, raising over £16,200 in just the first few days. 

For one week only, until midday on Tuesday 7 Dec 2021, every donation will be doubled.

To celebrate this fantastic way of making twice the impact with your support, we’re delighted to introduce you to the face behind the funding, our committed donor Charles Glanville. Alongside the Coles-Medlock Foundation, Charles is providing the match to double your donations.

He’s been a dedicated and regular supporter of Plant Your Future since 2019, when he read an article in inews written by our founder and chairman, Jenny Henman. 

But what led him to make such a generous commitment to our cause? We caught up with Charles just before the campaign launched to find out…

What first inspired you to become a supporter of Plant Your Future? 

What impressed me was the joined up thinking of the organisation. Not just about more trees, important as that is, but how to support local farmers in Peru from having to burn down more of the forest as they move from ravaged land to new land.  

Since your first donation in 2019, you’ve become a regular supporter of our work. What’s kept you so committed? 

Plant Your Future thinks and acts in the round. It understands what drives deforestation, and acts to figure out ways to prevent deforestation from having to happen. It focuses on the big picture. 

Why do you think that sustainable farming is so important in addressing the climate and ecological crisis?  

Plant Your Future works with groups of subsistence farmers, families who are only one small incident from devastation. Sustainable farming will allow those families the extra income to support themselves and grow trees. To save the Amazon, this is the only way forward. By supporting Plant Your Future, I can make a difference to our world, our climate, our birds and animals. 

What would you love to see Plant Your Future achieve in the future, thanks to supporters like yourself?  

I would love to see more subsistence farmers in Peru break out of the devastating cycle of burning the forest, degrading the land and then moving on to do the same elsewhere. Plant Your Future knows how to break that cycle. With more support more trees can be planted, more subsistence farmers moved on from the danger of being only one step from starvation, and hope given to them and the world. 

Do you have a message for anyone thinking of supporting Plant Your Future during the Big Give Christmas Challenge?  

Plant Your Future uses your donation, big or small, incredibly well. They have the knowledge, the strategy and the organisation to make a difference. You can make a difference by your gift. Please do respond generously. 

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