Sandfield Nursery – Partying to Protect the Rainforest

10 Aug , 2023 Blog

Sandfield Nursery – Partying to Protect the Rainforest

Our supporters are Plating the Future! Sandfield Nursery – Partying to Protect the Rainforest.

Sandfield Nursery hosted a fantastic rainforest-themed party to wrap up their season! This year, the children have been learning about the importance of preserving our precious ecosystems. They chose to donate to Plant your Future to support our work in restoring Peru’s degraded Amazon rainforest, and we are extremely grateful for their generosity. Their Plant your Future Donation Certificate was proudly on show amongst the incredible rainforest decorations!

The team at Sandfield Nursery told us that:

These preschoolers have been on a mission to make a difference after learning all about deforestation. They were thrilled to learn of their impact and receive a certificate from Plant Your Future, detailing how their donation would help smallholder farmers in the Peruvian Amazon.

We are inspired by these young change-makers and believe that we should all be partying to protect the rainforest! We would be overjoyed to see photos of how you are also #PlantingTheFuture – send any photos to our team at or to our Instagram or Facebook accounts. We would be honoured to provide a Donation Certificate to add to any party decorations!

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