COVID19 Emergency Appeal

COVID19 Emergency Appeal

Peru is in complete lockdown, strictly enforced by the military. For our farmers, this means no income and no food. With no savings, families live day-to-day, and have no stocks of food to rely on. If they get sick, they cannot go to hospital because the health system is already at the point of collapse and they can’t afford to pay the medical expenses.
We need to keep our families safe by making it possible for them to stay at home.

How You Can Help

Donate just £10 and you can help deliver an emergency medical kit — paracetamol, rehydration fluids and hand sanitiser for the family.

For just £35 you can help feed a family for 10 days.

Or help provide enough food to feed a family for an entire month when you donate £100.

Please donate today and support one of our families during this desperate time — we are so grateful for your generous support.