Celebrating the end of the planting season with a grand fiesta!

5 Jul , 2023 Our News

Celebrating the end of the planting season with a grand fiesta!

We had loads of fun at our End of Season Celebration for Ucayali and Huánuco! There was much to celebrate –in total we’ve planted over 300,000 trees this season all on deforested farmland owned by smallholders. On June 17 we celebrated the end of the planting season in the district, and the achievements of all the smallholders this year, with a grand fiesta! All our smallholders, our nursery teams, the technical teams, and their families were invited – over 150 people came to celebrate. We had two sports tournaments one for 6 aside football and one for volleyball. Team ‘Brigada de Siembra de Los Ochoa’ won the football cup, and Team ‘Vivero Forestal de Esperanza’ took home the volleyball cup – check out those shiny trophies!

Everyone enjoyed an absolute feast of grilled chicken, cassava in coconut cream and of course celebratory beers whilst chatting and watching the sports matches!

A massive congratulations to Hugo and Bianca Vásquez for winning first prize for best agroforestry system and runner-up Jhonny and Nancy Lupa. Both their shade ‘cocoa and native timber agroforestry systems’ are inspiring examples of how agroforestry can recuperate degraded ranching lands and a testament to their hard work maintaining them. They are true pioneers and models for their neighbours and others in the region. Both families were overjoyed with their toolkit of prizes!

An incredible amount of work has gone into this planting season – we’re proud and grateful to everyone involved in our process – from planting the seeds to nurturing thriving ecosystems. Gracias a todos y gran trabajo!

Check out our social media post to see more pictures taken on the day.

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