Plant your Future is restoring the Amazon rainforest while giving families a way out of poverty.

By supporting us through the Big Give Christmas Challenge your donation will be doubled from 12pm, Dec 1st to 12pm, Dec 8th.

We have set the ambitious target of raising £20,000 in just 8 days. We need your generous support to make this happen.

Our team works with rural, low-income communities to restore the Peruvian Amazon through agroforestry. This is an environmentally-friendly way of farming that reduces deforestation and improves livelihoods.

Traditional slash-and-burn farming is one of the biggest drivers of biodiversity loss and climate breakdown. If this wasn’t bad enough, it also traps families in poverty.

We’re on a mission to change this.

Your impact

It’s been an absolutely devastating year for communities in Peru.

Our team have been working tirelessly to support families through the COVID-19 pandemic. The country’s healthcare fell apart in the crisis and many rural communities were left without any food.

Your donation has never been more critical. For a small charity like ours, your support makes a huge impact where its most needed.

With your help, we will enable families to build back stronger and greener in 2021.

Together, we can reforest the Amazon and provide a better life for rainforest communities.

Why support us?

Our team work hand-in-hand with farming communities, giving them the support and training to make agroforestry a real alternative to slash-and-burn farming.

What makes us different from some other tree planting charities:

• Families plant trees on their land and have complete ownership of the project.

• We only plant native Amazonian timber trees and focus on restoring endangered rainforest species, like mahogany.

• We have a well-established monitoring system and are a verified carbon project through the Rainforest Alliance.

• We give training to beneficiaries every step of the way so they have the knowledge to ensure trees have a high survival rate.

• We are a small and efficient charity, with extremely low overheads and 100% of your donation goes to Peru to make a real impact on-the-ground.

What others say:

The former Ministry of the Environment in Peru, Jorge Torres, said:

“Having worked for many years in direct contact
with farmers and communities I have developed
a special sense of smell when conducting an
evaluation to recognise a good project from
a bad project… The most striking thing about
visiting farmers in this project is that they never
talked about the agroforestry systems belonging
to Plant your Future, but rather to themselves.
This “tiny” detail might sound minor but it is
not. It shows that farmers have participated in
decision-making and feel complete ownership
over the agroforestry systems. It is key to their
longer-term success and sustainability.”